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May 31, 2006

Film Review-->fanaa (Destroyed in LOVE)

Cast: Aamir Khan, Kajol, Rishi Kapoor, Kiron Kher, Tabu
Directed By: Kunal Kohli
Writing Credits: Shibani BathijaOriginal Music By: Jatin - Lalit
Produced By: Aditya Chopra
Haan ji Fanaa dekhne ki planning tou kaafi dino se thi hum logo ki..ye lagi thi Allahabad k "Chandralok "cinema-hall mein ......tou phir 1st day 26 may ko hum log night-show(9-12) dekhne gaye...hamare "Tau di gaddi"(Tauheed -one of my gud frnd)tou thi hi...socha shayad ticket ki prob. ho isliye thoda jaldi pahuch gaye...bt ticket asaani se mil gaye..phir wahi khana-bana khakar ...movie dekhne gaye..hamare aage ki seat per do achchi gals aakar baith gayi thi ....movie achchi hone k chances jayada lagne lage the...kuchh bhi ho paisa tou vasool hoga hi..kam se kam bore tou nahin honge....bt movie xpectation se kam hi thi....1st half masti wala tha....2nd half mein 20-25 min tou bore kiya .....kuchh 2nd half k scenes mein aankhe bhi nam ho gayin... time pass achcha hua ..overall paisa vasool ho gaya....
haan ji tou ab suniye...fanaa ki kahani ,,yaggi director ki jubani

Funny Story of Fanna
Haan bhai, to Fanaa mein hota aisa hai ki --

Ek heroine rahti hai andhi (tht's Kajol) naam hota hai Zooni. wo mast dilli ghoomne jaati hai to wahan use mast guide (Rehan tht's Amir) se pyaar ho jaata hai. baad mein ek bomb blast mein Amir mara jaata hai *supposedly* aur usi beech Kajol ki aankhon ka bhi operation ho jaata hai. ab wo andhi nahin hai.
But as fate has it, a terrible incident pulls them apart. Was it really fate that played her card? The skeleton in Rehan’s closet is disclosed; his real identity, his real mission, his real self that could destroy Zooni.
Till here Fanaa is a look-good and feel-good film with fantastic cinematography.
Kajol expresses the delicate fragrance of a blind girl's romantic and sexual awakening in the historical hustlebustle of Delhi with a surefire sensitivity that energizes the plot and gives the narrative that certain edge of excitement that cinematic romance captures once in a while.

phir pata chalta hai asli mein Amir ki *gaddar* hai (bole to usi ne bomb blast karwaya hai) aur wo gaddari karke missile ke tukde ikattha kar leta hai... ab use zaroorat hai sirf ek *trigger* ki... lekin trigger ko paane mein badi fajeehat hoti hai bechare ko ek chaaku lagta hai dil mein, aur ek goli lagti hai dimaag mein. par wo marta nahin *superhero* aur ghayal hoke girta hai Zooni ke ghar me. Zooni use dekhke chillati hai **REHAAAAAN** (itni zor se ki rehan behosh ho jaata hai). Now c the twist, pata chalta hai ki Rehan to Zooni ke bete ka naam hai. ab Rehan-I behosh hai, aur aankhon waali Zooni ne use kabhie dekha nahin hai...
...isliye wo nahi jaanti ki wo Rehan-I aur *gaddar* hai. jab Rehan-I ko hosh aata hai to use Zooni se pyaarII aur Rehan-II se pyaar-I ho jaata hai. (ab seedhe climax pe aa jaate hain)Zooni ko pata chal jaata hai ki Rehan (II nahin, I) gaddar hai. wo mast ek hazaar dialog maarti hai (par Rehan-I usse bhi nahin marta) to phir Wife-India (mother india ki tarz pe) banke 3 goli maarti hai. ab Rehan-I mar jaata hai. aur Rehan-II aur Zooni uski kabr pe phool chadha dete hain!!

Best song Acording to me-: Mere haanth mein tera haanth ho....

***The End***

*sab taali bajaao*
*bolo YASH-CHOPRA ji ki JAI*
paise fanaa hone se bacha liye....

(beech mein jahan mann ho, wahan desh-bhakti, pyaar aur family ke gaane daal lena)

Dialouges frm fanaa
"Tere Dil Mein Meri Sanson Ko Panaah Mil Jaaye...
Tere Ishq Mein Meri Jaan Fanaa Ho Jaaye"
"Rone De Aaj Humko Tu Aankhen Sujane De, Bahon Mein Le Le Aur Khud Ko Bheeg Jaane De
Hai Jo Seene Mein Qaid Dariya Wo Chhooth Jaayega, Hai Itna Dard Ke Tera Daaman Bheeg Jaayega"
Rehaan jitna pyar tumse karta hai tum rehaan se utna pyar nahi karti...

Saayries frm fanaa
na sahar dekho na biyabaan dekho,khuda ka iklota naamo nishaana dekho.bas aankh uthaoo aur rehan dekho..
fool hoon gulab ka chameli ka mat samjhna..aashiq hoon aapka saheli ka mat samjhna..
beithi hai hontho ko seekar pachtayengi aap..ishq jaag uthta hai aksar aisi khamoshi ke baad..
insaan ki khwaish ki koi intha nahi..do gaj jameen chahiye..
do gaj kafan ke baad..
dard se aankhe char kar lenge..hum bhi intha de denge..teri dosti ke khathir ae dost hum dushmanno se bhi pyar kar lenge.
hum se dur jaaoge kaise..dilse hame bhulaoge kaise..
hum vo khushoobu hai jo sanso mein basate hai..khud ki saanso ko rok paaoge kaise..

Bekhudi Ki Zindagi Hum Jiya Nahi karte
Yun kisika ka Jaam Hum Piya Nahi Karte.
Unse Kehdo Mohabbat Ka Izhaar Aakar Khud Karein,
Yun Kisika Peecha Hum kiya Nahin karte.....

Fanaa offers brilliant performances by Aamir and Kajol, without whom the film would fall flat. Kajol makes an explosive comeback, glamour personified. Featuring comedic one-liners, tear-jerking drama, romance, overblown action aplenty, and a generous dose of patriotic fervor, Fanaa is pure Bollywood in its most cliché-ridden form. A weak script and poor direction are thankfully compensated for by flashes of inspiring cinematography and an astounding display of histrionics, courtesy of its stars Aamir Khan and Kajol who convey lucidly the internal conflict that wages in a man and a woman torn between love and politics.

Song - Lag Ja Gale..
Singer: Lata Mangeshkar ji

This song was played in d background to some scenes of Fanaa..
This is also frm one of my favourites!!

Woh Kaun thi?(1960)

Actor -Manoj kumar ,, Actress- Sadhana

Rishi Kapoor and Kirron Kher are fine. Shruti is brilliant. Tabu is strictly okay. Shiney Ahuja is wasted and disappears as soon as he appears. The child artist is good.
Director Kunal Kohli should be glad Aamir and Kajol signed for this film, for there would be no film without them. Aamir more than earns his wage, adeptly switching from city lothario, to full on action star and adversary. The hugely accomplished Kajol is no less mesmerising and the two share an unexpected chemistry, resulting in moments that are at once, tender and intensely chilling. Further bolstered by a strong supporting cast, it is the contrived script that is the film's downfall.
But what is the astonishing Tabu doing in this film? As a government agent tracking down a dangerous Kashmiri militant she looks as lost and anorexic as a model on the wrong ramp. Among the supporting actors Rishi Kapoor as Kajol's father is delightful.

As in his earlier film Mujhse Dosti Karoge, the director here makes endearing use of old film songs to bring the couple closer together. The sound of Lata Mangeshkar's "Lag jaa gale " in the background raises the emotional romantic level considerably.

On the whole, FANAA is a beautifully written, effectively acted and meticulously crafted effort that is likely to remind many viewers of a simple axiom: A movie doesn't have to be groundbreaking to be compelling

Plus Points:

  • 1) Melodious songs , Music is alredy a huge HIT
  • 2)The Kajol's Come back..
  • 3) The sound of Lata Mangeshkar's "Lag jaa gale " in the background raises the emotional romantic level considerably.
  • 4)Famouse banner" Yash Raj Production"

  • Minus Points:

  • 1) Not released in Gujraat
  • 2)Initial 2nd Half is a bit boring
  • 3)Special appearence of Lara Dutta has produced no effect
  • 4)Why Amir is a terrorist is not Cleared so much..

Yaggi Director...
31 May2006