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September 24, 2006

Never rely On SRK, whether its IPL Or Bollywood

Yup, frnds , SRK has proved again that money is everything for him. Till date he was in India , He was supporting dada,
and for promoting his team in INDIA , he was making statements like .. "NO KKR without DADA" .. and " DADA will be the sole Captain for KKR" . (what was the need of that he really dont want to have him as Captain) Now, After reaching to South Africa , he has shown his true colors. If we look about his history in bollywood , He carries same attitude.

He always try to make money through his publicity and making fool to public... He does One Gud movie thn 2-3 shit movies. like last year he made a shit movie Om shanti Om to a hit because of guest appearences n Dard-e-disco etc and this year also he did same in "Billu". Only money matters for him , he dosnt care abt the indian's emotions. for money he even can do item dance like he did in KrazY 4. N the same attitude now he is showing here in IPL. He made money in last IPL because of Ganguly and This year IPL is in South Africa, So he is trying make money there by making Non- Indian Captain , so that South African Public will support his team.

Also if we see statics of Warm up practice matches than Saurav XI has beaten Ma'cculum XI .

First Match- Captain - Wriddhiman Saha or Some one else Not MC CULLUM - Winner- Opponent

Second Match - Captain - Wriddhiman Saha or some one else NOT MC Cullum - Winner - Opponent

Third Match - Captain - Sourav ganguly - Winner - Kkr
Won by 8 or 9 wickets Dada with an unbeaten 60*

Fourth Match - Captain - Sourav Ganguly - Winner - kkr
Dada finishes with 50 + and team wons by 6/7 wickets

Sixth Match - Between Knights
Sourav XI vs. Mc cullum XI
Winner - Sourav XI

In the Last IPL also KKR has won 6 matches in which 3 was because of Dada and he was nominated for Man of the match in those 3.
After Seeing the statics , its simply ridiculous what John Buchanan and SRK did. Buchanan going to be next Greg Chappel who was shown the way of back door from India to AUS in presence of Saurav in the team ( After his storming comeback).

Well,Some people used to say that why only Dada comes in controversies not Sachin, Dravid, or anyone else.
Reason is simple, just look at the pic below ,you will get your answer.
we all know that ..All three are best at their places...i have respect for politeness of both Sachin n Dravid but have you ever given a thought that why Sachin and Dravid wer never be able to become Successful captain.....Have you ever??......reason is simple .... Leadership requires not only sensibility and politeness but also attitude n aggression like Ganguly thts why ..In these 3 ,he is only able to achieve that good leadership quality ,

Some people used to say that.. Why only Ganguly's ego conflicts not others' ..picture says it all....he has not learnt to bow his head against his ethics or values and this is in his blood. if you see past than he made his debut in 1992 but has to wait to come in picture again becuz he refused to take water on the field as 12th man (becuz some upper lavel people want to humilate him b'cuz they know that he is from royal family and live life king size .
...ya i know tht he was wrong n even he also knows tht...bt he refused bcuz he dont like tht.....THATS IT !!

This doesnt mean tht i want to say tht he is the best....NO ...Neighter I Nor He is d best ...bt the thing is attitude...his attitude is d best...the attitude with self belief...i like him bcuz he does wat he likes ...n dont give the damn abt the things whr these will take him..Carrer is not more thn self respect..!!.Do WAT u Want n Believe in Urself..!!

when he again selected aftr 3 yrs , made his debut with two consecutive centuaries(best ever debut) and made a record of fastest 1000 in ODI's. .
thn he reached up to the top as indian Captain ...also took team in to the final of world cup under his captaincy n ..became most successfull Indian captain..his is wat Ganguly is who says ’I Dont believe in making correct decisions. I believe in making the decisions and then making them correct’, this tells about the attitude of a winner that he is .

if you say that why im not comparing him with dhoni....thn ans is simple as...thr is no point of comparing father to his son.....SIDHU'S CHALLANGE TO BCCI ON DADA.---->>>..............."I challenge Mr Vengsarkar to an open debate. If he can convince me on why he dropped Ganguly then I will leave NDTV for a lifetime, otherwise he has to quit. You can't drop because you don't like somebody's face.

Nyways True dada fans are still with him n was done great job in 2nd match by taking 2 wickets in his 1st 3 balls. We hope that he will prove again and slap on the SRK and John buchanan by his performance.John is going to become the next Grag Chappel ( Who was shown the way of back door to Australia in presence of Ganguly in team after his storming comeback)
All d best for him in IPL . I am sure that SRK will regret one day for what he has done for money only.

Now I think Aamir should plan to buy a cricket team . he is the only rite person for dada . As its in news that SRK wants to rename KKR as Ahemdabad Knight Riders becuz now he will not be able to pramote his team in Bengal without Ganguly. So Kolkata will be available for Aamir..lolz

Cheers for dada with Neebu paani.

Yagya Datt Sharma
20th-22nd April

September 16, 2006

KANK ....Bbye ! "Not Gud" Bye

B'cuz Never Say "Gud bye"..:P

Title samajh aaya ?? Read it Again..

I m very happy to say that i hv Watched "KANK"..B'cuz I was able to complete it in three instalments...:P..it's too lenghty ..n i think very few students can watch it in one slot in home theater bole to Computer..Thats why i m giving this review too late..n also busy in college n classes!!

Thr is one reason behind this That this movie besically on relations after d marriage And We, engineering Students dont know much abt these relationship!!That's why we dont like this movie much..n 1st half comedy in movie is not so gud ..lil bit borin kinda !!
neways bt thr was very much xpectations frm this movie so 'm writin abt somethin positive nd negative aspect of this movie!!

This movie is different in that sense, it tackles is the subject of mature human relationships - perhaps one which the youth of today can't relate with! All praise to Karan Johar for handling so delicately an intense story like Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna.!!

The movie has its share of funny moments (the first half is filled with light moments), emotional moments (the second half is an emotional roller coaster) and surprising moments that lifts the movie from being a typical Karan Johar movie to a brilliant Karan Johar movie.

Best song of this Movie according to me..

Song :Tumhi dekho na..(Full Video)

The performances by all the cast were amazing. In particular Shahrukh and Abhishek. How ever much you don't wanna admit it, after watching Shahrukh's performance, you've got to say that he has proved yet again that he's the best in the industry, there's no doubt about it. It's only Shahrukh that could have fitted into such a complex character so perfectly. 10/10 for Shahrukh,

The movie belongs to him no doubt and there'll be no surpirse this year if he walks away with the best actor award. Abhishek was awesome as well, especially in the emotional scenes. There was no sign of overacting by anyone; everyone performed well. Out of the ladies, i think Rani shone over Preity... maybe because of her character.

The music was melodious... 'Where's The Party Tonight' was one of the most enjoyable song's, i guess because of it's perfect timing in the movie! Mmmm, otherwise, my favourite has to be 'Tumhi Dekho Naa', portrayed beauutifully as you can see from the picture above the bright orange Abhishek hehe!!

Never Say "Gud Bye"

Minus points
1) Its cheesy humour in the ist half

2)constant comical references to sex, which was a shame, because i would otherwise have classed it a family movie.

Plus Points
1)Huge star Cast
2)Choreography ,dresses n locations
3) Kajol's Special appearence
4) Melodious Music

But knowing what Asian families are like, i would say it isn't suitable for family viewing. Nevertheless though, the second half of the movie is full of emotions and looking back at the movie overall, all i've got is praise for it!!

Bbye KANK..n Whole team !!

15 sept.06