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September 16, 2006

KANK ....Bbye ! "Not Gud" Bye

B'cuz Never Say "Gud bye"..:P

Title samajh aaya ?? Read it Again..

I m very happy to say that i hv Watched "KANK"..B'cuz I was able to complete it in three instalments...:P..it's too lenghty ..n i think very few students can watch it in one slot in home theater bole to Computer..Thats why i m giving this review too late..n also busy in college n classes!!

Thr is one reason behind this That this movie besically on relations after d marriage And We, engineering Students dont know much abt these relationship!!That's why we dont like this movie much..n 1st half comedy in movie is not so gud ..lil bit borin kinda !!
neways bt thr was very much xpectations frm this movie so 'm writin abt somethin positive nd negative aspect of this movie!!

This movie is different in that sense, it tackles is the subject of mature human relationships - perhaps one which the youth of today can't relate with! All praise to Karan Johar for handling so delicately an intense story like Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna.!!

The movie has its share of funny moments (the first half is filled with light moments), emotional moments (the second half is an emotional roller coaster) and surprising moments that lifts the movie from being a typical Karan Johar movie to a brilliant Karan Johar movie.

Best song of this Movie according to me..

Song :Tumhi dekho na..(Full Video)

The performances by all the cast were amazing. In particular Shahrukh and Abhishek. How ever much you don't wanna admit it, after watching Shahrukh's performance, you've got to say that he has proved yet again that he's the best in the industry, there's no doubt about it. It's only Shahrukh that could have fitted into such a complex character so perfectly. 10/10 for Shahrukh,

The movie belongs to him no doubt and there'll be no surpirse this year if he walks away with the best actor award. Abhishek was awesome as well, especially in the emotional scenes. There was no sign of overacting by anyone; everyone performed well. Out of the ladies, i think Rani shone over Preity... maybe because of her character.

The music was melodious... 'Where's The Party Tonight' was one of the most enjoyable song's, i guess because of it's perfect timing in the movie! Mmmm, otherwise, my favourite has to be 'Tumhi Dekho Naa', portrayed beauutifully as you can see from the picture above the bright orange Abhishek hehe!!

Never Say "Gud Bye"

Minus points
1) Its cheesy humour in the ist half

2)constant comical references to sex, which was a shame, because i would otherwise have classed it a family movie.

Plus Points
1)Huge star Cast
2)Choreography ,dresses n locations
3) Kajol's Special appearence
4) Melodious Music

But knowing what Asian families are like, i would say it isn't suitable for family viewing. Nevertheless though, the second half of the movie is full of emotions and looking back at the movie overall, all i've got is praise for it!!

Bbye KANK..n Whole team !!

15 sept.06


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