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August 11, 2007

Movie Review


A film frm the Makers of"Iqbal"

Star Cast

Ayesha Takia
-As Meera

Shreyas Talpade,-As Bahrupiya
Gul Panag-Zeenat
Nagesh Kukunoor
Girish Karnad

Directed By~
Nagesh Kukunoor

Music directors:
Lyrics By:
Mir Ali Hussain

A Nagesh Kukunoor film needs no introduction. Associated with qualitative cinema over the years,"Iqbal" his last movie is also a Great one!!

How Far Would You go...to save the one, You Luv?

Dor is a realistic and qualitative film that deals with touching emotions like love, betrayal, friendship, forgiveness and redemption. The film deals with an extremely touching and sensitive subject of two women!!

Nagesh Kukunoor has given a poetic touch to this movie based on real life incidents. Both the lead female artists have given excellent performance. The director has blended several components into his movie mixie. There is a blend of culture from Rajasthan and Kashmir, there is a
blend of climatic conditions - desert and icy conditions, there is a blend of religion - Hindu Rajput and Muslim, there is a blend of thoughts - backward thoughts and superstitious belief in the Rajput community and forward looking thoughts and ambitions in the Muslim girl.

The director of Dor has exploited the advantages of similarities as well as differences in thoughts and approach by the two lead female artists. For those who are used to watching male dominated Indian movies, this one comes as an oasis in the desert to watch two lead female artists take on the main cast.

The movie has succeed in capturing women's emotions and spirit, simply and subtly both. the thread of emotions and spirits ties woman with other women regardless of her culture,cast or nation. Hats off to Nagesh and the crew!!

More About the Director
A chemical engineer turned filmmaker and Actor, Nagesh belongs to the relatively younger brigade of directors for whom cinema is a passion. Nagesh has always chosen to make movies about real people doing mundane stuff. He picks up ideas and themes by observing people.

He is often described as a "
maverick" as his movies do not follow the usual style of Indian films. He is known for making crossover movies and employing Hinglish.
Nagesh was born and brought up in Hyderabad. Birth Date : March 30. He moved to Atlanta in 1988 and studied Chemical Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He worked as an environmental consultant in Atlanta before returning to India in 1997 to pursue his dreams in film making. In the interim, he had attended workshops in film and television. He studied acting at the Warehouse Actor's Theatre in Atlanta and in 1995, co-produced and directed a short film, One culture at a time.
He spent a year in Mumbai to understand the working of Bollywood industry before deciding that his style would not fit in that milieu.
After the failure of his first movie, he could go for well-known actors and experimented in several genres.

Other Movies By Nagesh

* Hyderabad Blues - 1998

* Rockford - 1999
* Bollywood Calling - 2001
* Teen Deewarein - 2003
* Hyderabad Blues 2: Rearranged Marriage - 2004
* Iqbal - 2005
* Dor - 2006

Motivational Lyrics

"Yeh honsla kaise jhuke,
Yeh aarzoo kaise ruke.

Manzil mushkil toh kya,
Dhundhala saahil toh kya,
Tanha yeh dil toh kya.

Raha pe kaante bhikre agar,
Uus pe toh phir bhi chalna he hai,
Shaam chupale suraj magar,
Raat ko ek din dhal na he hai,
Rut yeh tal jaayegi,
Himmat rang layeegi,
Subha phir aayegi.

Hogi hume jo rehmat adaa,
Dhoop kategi saaye taale,
Apni khuda se hai yeh duaa,
Manzil laga le humko gale,

Jorrat sau bar rahe,
Ooncha ikraar rahe,
Zinda har pyaar rahe.
"Rishtey, bharoose, chahat, yakeen,

Un sab ka daman ab chak hain,
Samjhe the haantho mein hai zameen,
Mutthi jo khuli, bas khak hai.

Dil mein yeh shoor hai kyun,
Imaan kamzoor hai kyun,
Naazuk yeh dor hai kyun."

better than DON

Last Night on the the 1st day of releasin,i watched Don. Remake of Don is just made 4 the commercial values....Nothin 4 social value.So i consider DOR better thn DON. And those who hv not watched DOR n DON both..thn I would like to suggest u to watch DOR..B'cuz there is a need to encourage Such Directors,Who can make ,Movies full of inspiration n social values,Movies which can influence youth power of our country positively like Iqbal, RDB DOR.

Plus Points
  • Music with Motivational Lyrics already a Grt hit
  • Last movie of Nagesh' Iqbal' influenced ppl much
  • A movie with Social values
And one more thing i came to know that there is a malayalam movie 'Perumazhakalam' that inspired Nagesh to make Dor. For those hardcore fans of Dor, I suggest this one to watch.
Thank U!!

Yaggi -Director
21th Oct 06

Today is Diwali ..So H@ppy n Prosporous Diwali to all Visitors


At 1:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey yagya..its really asweet movie, ihav seen it yesterday,me also a grt fan of Nagesh, came here through nagesh fans comm.

At 1:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so chhwweeet movie..luv it..:)

At 1:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

its the need of hour to make such movies and also to appre. these type of directors...gud work dude keep it up


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