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July 10, 2006

Movie Review

Yes,Who's It?

The Chase Begins Again..
Directed By: Farhan Akthar

Music : Shankar Ehsaan Loy
Lyrics By:Javed Akthar

Produced By:
tesh Sidhwani


Shah Rukh Khan... As Don/Vijay
Priyanka Chopra...As Roma
Isha Koppikar...As Anita
Arjun Rampal...As Jasjeet
Kareena Kapoor...As Kamini
Om Puri ...As Vishal Malik
Boman Irani...As Dcp DSilva/Vardhan
Story Writer: Javed Akhtar/Salim Khan
Genre: Action/Thriller
Shooting Locations: Malaysia,France & India

No-One Can Chew Paan In Big B Style :) !

Don ka Remake Muskil Hi nahi Naamunkin hai..!!
Hmmm so I saw 1st Day Night show 9-12 with my frnds ,Bt yaar jaise hi last show khatm hua...Ek Sardar ji jaate -jaate bol gaye beta mat jaao ....:) Wo itne gussa the ki unse koi poonchh bhi nahi raha tha bt phir bhi wo ajnabi logo ko bol rahe the ki mat dekho...:) It was in Space Cine Plex(Kahte hain Allahabad ka Best hall hai.bt hai aisa ..ki ..ab rahne do. :)) Thts y xpectin that kam se kam paise to vasool honge hi stunts dekhkar..nyway ...

I was eagerly awaitin this Movie B'cuz Director is Farhan Akhtar , who once made one of Indian cinema’s path breakers “Dil Chahta Hai”,"Lakshya "and had so much Xpectations frm this movie ,bt
here the Chase ends..Movie is not as per our Xpectations ,There is no one who can beat BIG B.in Bollywood.

Bt bt bt
its totally unfair 2 compare between a classic n gen x DON but watever its,Its not justice with Farhan and SRK..b'cuz situations r totally different at the time of both movies..!!This is a cheeky and chic homage to the earlier “Don”. It goes to places the earlier film couldn’t have dreamt of.
Farhan’s ‘Don’ is not a replica of the old. The director has changed the movie’s plot a great deal in the second half. It may leave the purists with raised hackles, but the way Shah Rukh has played the character and the unexpected twist at the movie’s end, more than compensates for Farhan’s experimentation.

Don is a hard film to take seriously. While those who love the original will balk at it, those who aren't conversant with the 1978 film are likely to be even more alarmed -- because Farhan doesn't develop his characters, letting the old film do most of the talking. Shah Rukh Khan tries valiantly, and while he incredibly manages even the bumpkin Vijay character, the film lets him down.

And yes “Khai ke paan benarawas wala” which carried the original “Don” to another level of excitement, misses the point completely over here
Bt After Seeing Movie , I can say that Noone Can Chew Paan in Amitabh Style !!

Overall Its a Nice Attempt

Farhan has tried (and succeeded to a great extent) to chip in with hi-fi cars and electronic gadgets. It would be fantastic to say THE DON is a smuggler of this century. The Don uses a bomb disguised in his coolers and leaves it with the guy from the opposite camp and operates the bomb with remote control from his watch – looked more like a scene stolen from a bond movie.

The cinematography and action sequences in the movie is above average, comparable to the Hollywood standard. The mesmerizing locales of Malaysia and specially the takes of the petrones twin towers is just JAW-DROPPING. The martial art sequences by priyanka, shahrukh and arjun is good. Boman shows that he is a gem of an actor again. Om puri is wasted a bit in this meaty role of a junior cop. Pawan malhotra, isha and the handsome smart dude MAC are also good.The USP: Kareena sizzles as never before in yeh mera dil. Male viewers;

Boman irani, plays the cop and is also the man behind the introduction of the second Shah Rukh khan (Vijay). Maurya song hails the introduction song for vijay. Shah Rukh also handles the transition from a cocaine smuggler to a street dancer very well. The make up team have also done their part well. A few dialogues sent the crowd rotfl.

Faults In Movie,Hv u Noticed That.?
If it s real don coming 2 malaysia, then wy did he giv d real disk 2 DSilva?
anyway he at last says tat it was a fake 1.
But if it s so, then hw did Arjun Rampal's frnd come 2 kno details inside the disc wen he use it in his system??cumon think.!
Few Famouse Dialouges

1)Shohrat mera junoon hain, daulat mera nasha aur khauff mera hatyaar.
Kadamo main duniya hain,ishaaron pe kismat aur bahon main..
? .. Zindagi se khelta hoon khelta hoon apni sharton pe,jeetna zid nahi aadat hain meri..arrey deewano ab toh pechchaano kaha se aaya main hoon kaun?

2)DON ka intezaar to 11 mulkoo ki police ker rahi hai
Lekin aik baat samajh lo..
DON ko pakarna mushkil he nahi namumkin hai!

DON ke dushman ki subse bari galti yeh hai ke..

Woh DON ka dushman hai!
4)DON ko Do tarah ki ladkiya bilkul pasand nahi,eik woh jo mere paas aane main time lagaye aur dusri woh jo Apne aap aa jaaye...!!DON ko Junglee Billiyaan bahut pasand hain....

5)I Was Here, But Now I'am Gone, I Leave My Name To Turn You On,
Mein Hoon Don....
Those Who Know Me, Know Me Well.. Those Who Dont...
Can Go To HeLL!!:)
6)when vardhan asks DON "kya disk tumhare paas hai..".....then he replies"nahi tumhara pyaar mujhe khinch laya.."
7)Aaj se underwrld ka betaaj badshah main hoon I AM THE KING
8)Arey dewaano mujhe pehchano Kahan se aaya, Mein hoon Kaun... Main hoon DON.!!
Wat SRK says about DON
While SRK is humble enough to accept that he is not attempting to match, if not surpass, the portrayal of don by superstar Amitabh Bachchan in the 1978 movie, he says the attempt in the new ‘Don’ would be to introduce the youth of today to the brilliant cinema of yore that they missed out on.Don is my Dream Movie Since childhood.
“Well, I can't do the film Don like Mr Bachchan. I don't have that misconception…But I do believe that the concept that Farhan Akhtar team has to introduce the film Don to the young generation of our country is an outstanding and stupendous concept,” SRK is quoted as saying in a CNN interview.
In another interview on TV a couple of months back, SRK had unhesitatingly stated that Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘Don’ was “one of the greatest cinematic experiences of my childhood.”

SRK had also added that in the movie’s remake he certainly won’t be able to match the spirit in which Mr. Bachchan acted in the song Khaike Paan Banaras Wala.!!

Boman Irani gets maximum footage after SRK. Although he plays his part well, it is becoming difficult to take him seriously after having seen him in so many comic roles.
Priyanka Chopra has not much to do in the film. Even her stunts fail to impress. Arjun Rampal , handsome as ever, is convincing as the limping Jasjit. Kareena Kapoor has a two-minute role and a song appearance. Isha Koppikar is forgettable particularly because her character hasn’t been given any depth. Om Puri deserved a longer role.

In a nutshell, Overall Don is a super stylish flick that has suspense, thrills and a great visual appeal; the film will be appealing to the younger generation especially for those who have not seen the original version. The festival season will only enhance its appeal at the box-office and those looking for something apart from the family drama will not be disappointed at all.
Moreover Shahrukh fans are in for a treat with his double role. A thorough entertainer and thriller.
Farhan Akhtar does succeed in giving a just tribute to the timeless ‘Don’ starring Amitabh Bachchan. But Farhan relies too heavily on style rather than substance.

Plus Points:-

1)Nice Stunts ,
The cinematography and action sequences in the movie is above average!!
2)The make up team have also done their part well. A few dialogues sent the crowd rotfl.
3)Srk, and in India Srk Bikta hai bhai ,Ppl can watch anythin by Srk n Farhan akhtar is also well known 4 his "Lakshya" n "Dil Chahta Hai"
4) Releasin time also is in Favour of collection 4 movie b'cuz of Diwali

Minus Points-:

1)Big B is already DON , n Copy of anything never can be considered better thn that original..
2)Few Modification are useless n funny frm real DON, this new generation dont like these type of thing like wat happens in Hospital in convertin Vijay in Real DON..Somewat like EKTA Kapoor Style..:)

Nyway Farhan has proved that DON ko pakadhna Muskil hi nahi Namunkin hai...Along with that Don ka Remake Muskil hi nahi Naamunkin hai,..!!
Bt I really njoied MoVie , Overall Its a Super Stylish
flick that has suspense, thrills and a great visual appeal;

23th Oct 06


At 8:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey man , nice review ,i hv not seen movie yet bt plannintg to c it on tue soon..thnk u once again 4 providing such a nice review with nice clips..u rock man

At 8:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice work yagya:)

At 8:47 PM, Blogger Yagya Datt Sharma said...

hey thank u so much aditi n jiya :) 4 appreciatin work

At 1:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi yaggi gone thrugh ur blog ..nice blog u hav, nice reviews i njoied them

At 1:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hav not seen old don btw i enjoied movie alot nice action n twist in script gud work by srk n farhan and nice reviewed by u too thnx dear:)

At 1:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

waah bete tu ban gya directr..mast review hai..saale kya kya karta rahta hai..tu jaldi jaayega:)

At 1:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

abe saale tu bata tujhe kaisi ladkiyaan pasand hain..don ko maar goli..btw gud work Mr.DON yaggi:)

At 1:49 PM, Blogger Yagya Datt Sharma said...

Thanx a lot to amrita ,talu..abhishek sir, n Anubhav 4 ur appre.

haha mujhe janglee billiyaan pasand hain
...Jo DON ko pakad sake...n u know saale..DON ko pakadna muskil hi nahi naamunkin hai...:)neway thnx once again to all..!!


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