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January 26, 2007

For Indian GuNs Of YoUth..

Review-RaNG De BaSAnTi
Now Ready to Represent INDIA in OSCAR Award Function

"GUNS OF YOUTH" it's time to take challenge..
This year again a powerfull force struck INDIA on the REPUBLIC day and the main target were the YOUTHS of this nation.... Read on to know more.
There are two kinds of people,
People who go screaming to their death,
People who go silently to their death,
Then I met the third kind...
Similarly in bollywood,
There are two kinds of movie,
Movie that tingle your Heart,
Movie that storm your Brain,
Then I saw the third kind...
Once in a while in Bollywood one comes across a movie that doesn't only entertains but at the same time make you feel the agony and anxiety of the characters and above all,
makes you think, makes you QUESTION yourself.
Saying RANG DE is of this kind won't be justifiable...coz it’s something more than this as one can see the effect it is making on our country's youth. Its magic pure magic.

DIRECTORS---"Renzil D’Silva and Rakesh Omprakash Mehra "takes us on a journey of youthful experiences and mature decisions with a blend of history and a comparison of today's youth with the great youthful heroes of past. This whole experience comes as a bang which splashes on the mind and heart and makes us think and think for a purpose. A truly magnificent and smooth way of arousing the patriotic feeling in the ever creeping youths!!.
I won't go here to the story of the movie but rather write what this non-preachy cult classic made me think and how it has ignited the spirits of thousands of youth who have seen RDB and haven't got enough of it even after watching it again and again.
Full Video-Roobaroo

"Is par bhi na khaule jo vo khoon nahi vo paani hai
jo desh ke kaam na aa saki, bekaar vo jawani hai"
The movie lives upto the expectation it endorses with the line that sets the beginning of the movie. These lines doesn't just ignites REBEL feeling but humiliates us as a youth, challenges us to take the responsibility of changing things around (instead of creeping like a bimbo) and sets our souls free in the sea of inspiration.... " kuchh kar guzarne ko khoon chala khoon chala"

"Ek pair past mein hai aur ek future mein isliye hum present pe mut rahe hain"

True very true... we can't change the past and just keep thinking somehow the things will change in FUTURE. Literally, by doing this we are making our PRESENT a place full of SHIT.
Full Video- Rang De Basanti..

As the generation Awakens lets come together and make our PRESENT a true PRESENT (GIFT).. so that the FUTURE can say PAST was GIFT, PRESENT is a HOPE and FUTURE.... lets make it PRESENT.

To sum it up I'll say "isse pehle ki INSPIRATION ki baati bujh jaaye,
chalo apne aas-paas ki gandagi saaf karne ki Zimmedari uthaya.... to kya hua agar apne hi ghar (bharat) ki gandgi saaf karte hue haath thode se gande ho jayenge paar dil ko to sukun milega "

19 march 06

Actually This i hv posted many times Ago on 19 March Bt..now RDB is Nominated 4 representin INDIA in Oscar Function...So again its before u to Remind Somethin'...With some Modification..!


08 Oct 06