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January 8, 2009

Fake Aamir In Ghajini where is the real One?

Hi all,Well,few days back I have seen Ghajini - the most awaited movie of this year..Srry 4 being late, because of my corporate responsibilities :), let me clear you one thing, In this review(same as my previous reviews which have different styles than professional reviews),I am neither going to tell you about the story of movie nor the other things related to movie which are well hyped .
As u all know, that I am hardcore Aamir fan :).. but tell you frankly, i didn't like the movie that much, reaon is that i never expect this from Aamir.Im not saying tht Ghajini was bad, It runs in pace and you never feel out of time or bored even its a 3+ hrs movie.you don't know how the time has passed.

But I want a fresh movie from him,not a remake of something.we all know Aamir as an innovative person however in Ghajini thr was nothing new except his 8 pack abs and the collection of the movie has made history because of so hype.

Picture Says it all..
(Juss read the tattos on his body. which tatto cost how much?)
Kalpna was killed = All India gross 140 crore :P like wise-

It Seems that Aamir has forgotten himself,Hoping that he will read this review :D ,i want to remind him the real Aamir ,which is still inside him and fighting with this new Aamir.Also for you all who have forgotten old Aamir..I am trying to recall you real or old Aamir ..lets c how much im capable..

Characteristics Of Real Aamir

1)- In the times when every filmmaker wants established actor and actress in coloured clothings,dizzling locations ,In that time Real Aamir dare to shoot a film about childrens in his production itself.Even he already knows that children-focusing movies have not done good in times like - Nanhe Jaisalmer,Chain khuli ki main Khuli, even Raju chacha with well known stars.Such bold step taking persons are on counts in bollywood.

2)-Real Aamir rarely used to come on TV's for interviews, yet he spends more than a hour chatting with his fans on his Blog for answering their senseless questions( like- Aamir ji aap kab sote ho,kya khaate ho,etc).Also he refused invites from Koffee with Karan.yet he came on a some small talk-show at NDTV.While other actors are all over the media praising their films and do their best to keep media happy,Also tries to collect dozen of hero n heroins for their film to make a hit, he didn't make a single media appearance before RDB just because he was angry with the media, and made RDB a blockbuster of the days without making a single public appearance for its publicity. Wow!

3)- He won't go go for the stupid dozen of bollywood award shows (Like two years back SRK was not getting best actor award thn Zee introduced a new award "Fun entertainer of the year" for SRK, because he was present in that function.WTF) , besides real Aamir went to raise voice for the misery of the troubled farmers in the Narmada Valley.also went to the border to entertain our soldiers.

4)-While other actors do 3-4 movies in year, where he gives his 3 years for making himself for a role at the height of his career (The Rising).

5)-He is the person who can dare to work with with Ashutosh Gowarikar when he(Gowarikar) has given 2 flops already, and can work on the script which was already refused by most of established actors.Even he can work with Rakesh Mehra when he had only a flop in his resume Named as -AKS!!In both cases he made one of the best films of Indian cinema.

6)- In the times While other actors are advertising everything from undergarments to hair-oil to chyawanprash, bt Aamir was having self-dignity ..his ads can be counted on fingers with some innovation.

7)- Also Real Aamir is the trend setter..which other followed but never came close.
for example-

  • He only started the trend of diffrent looks in different movies. now every actor tries to look different in every movie.

  • And well, He started only the trend of blogging in bollywood (after inspiring from me :P lolz). than I heard that BiG-B, Anil Kapoor,shilpa,Salman...hav also started blogging.

  • He sang ‘Aati Kya Khandala’ which became the anthem of the loafers of whole country.Than SRK ('Apun Bola') ,Sanjay Dutt ("Aye shivani") followed but no body have given a second listening.

  • And last but not least If A barber want to remain in his business than he need to learn how to make his hairstyles. :P ..

So Mr. Aamir Hussain Khan if you are reading :D, take a bow! .You may not having the label of the 'King'or the temples with your statue ..still You are the greatest masterpiece in the museum of the Hindi Film Industry ans inspiration to many new comers.But we love that old Aamir not this new fake Aamir -

Characteristics of Fake and new Aamir
  • Who is seen on TV frequently .goes in Dus KA Dum.even cuts his birthday cake in front of media.

  • Now he openly joking about his pet dog named Shahrukh.Also seen in advertisement of Monaco biscuits.

  • Came on the premier of race-which is hardcore masala film-saying that he likes the work of Abbas -Mustan.

  • And Now he is doing the film Ghajini which is frame to frame copy of Tamil version only the climax was changed.

Don’t be fooled by this fake Aamir. Please find the real Aamir for me.

Neways its a Ghajini review and most of the things you already know ,nothing much to write in review about movie,still few things i liked in it..may be you have also liked or not noticed ,so now something from Ghajini....

Few of Touching Scenes,I liked

1)-When Kalpna gives 1 Peti (u all tapories can understand very well, :)) to Sachin(actually Sanjay) for his mother's treatment, aftr selling her car which she has brought by her life long income.

2)-Jiah comes and gifts him the cement slab on which Sanjay and kalpana had stepped-on before entering the new house gifted to kalpana by the Airvoice company.and In the last scene Sanjay is shown sitting on a bench with the memories of his beloved fiancee Kalpana.

3)-And last but not least the most touching thing of movie is that Kalpana(Asin) never come to know that her fiance is so famous personalty and dies even without knowing his actual name.

If you talk about acting, than Asin has really impressed ..she was looking nice and fresh in the movie :)....and i think will definitely get her place in Bollywood.ya already doing another movie with Salman and Ajay Devgan.Aamir's acting or can say action, was gud..but in the flashback story of his past life..he was looking lil nervous,can do much more better.Anyways he has also done his job wonderfully,looking great in the movie with 8 packs abs (which Actually inspired me :P lolz).

Overall It was a nice attempt.it leaves you reeling even after the film is over and the effect doesn't go away for some time.There's so much happening in every scene and the screenplay is so gripping that you don't feel the need to look at the theater ceiling or at your watch at brief intervals.

Music By all time Fav. A.R. Rehman

The opener " Guzarish "
is very good modern Bollywood music, AR Rahman type. Javed Ali has sung this very well!

But My Fav song Of Movie is- " Kaise Mujhe" is an excellent track!Benny Dayal sings well, and Shreya Ghoshal is even better. Rahman displays tremendous control here.. ..More appealing is the lyrics of this song by Prasoon Joshi, who is countinously winning Filmfare Award for Best Lyrics since last two years(in 2007 for Fanaa and in 2008 For 'MAA' in Taare Zameen Par ).Now he is ready to complete his Hattric.

Karthik gives the 'south Indian film music' feel to Behka with his vocals,the effect in which Aamir comes in six diff hair-styles..tht was amazing. others songs are average.

Thats all about Ghajini and the New Aamir of Ghajini.

Still I like Aamir.I really admire his hard work and dedication. Hoping next time he will come with something extraordinary like 'Taare ZaMeen Par','Rang de Basanti' or 'Lagaan' etc and will never choose this type of script like villen killed his lover and he was engross for revenge.Eagerly Waiting for release of "Three Idiots"-Upcoming Aamir's movie.which is based on our one of the fav. novels- Five Point Some One :)

its 2 AM here ,feeling sleepy...morning mei office hai..so its time to go to bed else i hav to sleep in office :P
thanku..cya tata bbye.!!

Yagya Datt Sharma
25 Dec 08 - 08 Jan 09