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January 16, 2010

Chase excellence..

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3 - Idiots Review

"Bachcha, Kaabil Bano..Phir Safalta toh Jhak Maar-kar Peechee Bhaagegi" , Well, These are not my words , If you had watched 3 Idiots carefully than definitely You have given a thought to the last line of its script.Yeah,It was the last line.But, does it really deserves the last place. Thats why i thought to start this review with this line only.
Really,The whole zyst of the movie lies in this one line.:)

I remember earlier that SRK made a statement: "Films are for entertainment and Messages are for post offices." Well Aamir has proved again (after TZP) that cinema is probably the best medium for giving a message and after looking at the face of every person coming out of the cinema hall, I can say that a message can be entertaining also.Somebody has very nicely pointed out on Aamir's Blog that "IShan Awasthi" of TZP has grown up and in engineering college became like "Rancho..." because, the innocence and mischievousness of darsheel can be seen very well in Rancho. Simply we can say that 3 Idiots is Taare Zameen Par Part-2 :)

Life is all about listening to your heart and chasing your dreams. That's the essence of 3 IDIOTS, directed by the extremely talented Mr. Raju Hirani. Let me come to the point right away.

If, There are two kinds of movie,
Movie that tingle your Heart,
Movie that storm your Brain,
Then I saw the third kind..

In the history of last 10 years of Bollywood , Twice I came across a movie that doesn't only entertains but at the same time make you feel the agony and anxiety of the characters and above all,makes you think and makes you QUESTION yourself. Can you recall , Yeah, You are rite, before 3 Idiots , It was RDB.

3 IDIOTS was over-hyped and that could be dangerous for any film since it's the expectations which kill a film if the content doesn't match up to its hype.This Time again, as usual Everyone was wanted to find out what new trick Aamir Khan had up his sleeve.But this time He was having Mr. Raj Kumar Hirani who After ‘Jaadu ki Jhappi’ and ‘Gandhigiri’, teaches you the new philosophy of ‘AAL IZ WELL’ and "Make your passion as your profession". Take a bow!

Movie starts with the dialouge "Life is a race, Tej Nahi Bhaagoge toh Log tumhe Kuchal Kar Aage Nikal Jaayenge" and whole movie is a very good attempt to prove this line as False.

Let me tell you my philosophy in this case(plz bear with that, you are on my Blog :P).
ANyway, I am completly agree with that "Life is a Race" But who has forced you to run on the same path where the Crowd is running . Who has told you that those are the ONLY paths which will lead you to your destination.Dude/Dudettee, Have some courage and Tell Yourself that you are a great indivisual, Blieve in yourself , If you will not blieve in yourself, who else will blieve in you. And I am sure if you will try to follow the path made by yourself than you will not find any crowd and without crowd, Logo k Kuchalkar Aage nikalne ki baat toh bahut door hai." [:D]

So watching 3 Idiots was like watching the ‘Munnabhai Series’ without Munnabhai. No jadu ki jhappi, no mamoo, no J dot Asthana, but if they had been in this film too, how would Chetan Bhagat will try to be in the glory of this un-deserving limelight?

According to me Chatur Ramlingam Urfff Silencer (real name- Omi Vaidya - he did so well to his character tht no1 wants to call him by his real name, he will be known as Chatur in the history of cinema) should be given the best actor award in this FilmFare but this cant happen b'cause SRK n BIG-B ne bhi to movies ki hain,It will be insult of those Legends. this is the problem why Aamir dont like these award functions .

Chetan Bhagat's Controversy

I want to ask one thing to Mr. Chetan that- Where were you when another movie "Hello"which was also based on your another book One Night @ Call Center, got released. Does anyone even remember there was a movie called "Hello" and the very bad response it got. It was a total flop and Chetan was probably happy that he got his credits.He probably expected something similar here but it was not happened being an Aamir and Raju movie.

Who signed a legal contract with vidhu vinod chopra gave the book to Raju Hirani to make a movie ? Isn't that Chetan bhagat??
If he was so concerned about the makers of the film and he would have been tensed for the last two years when the movie started. But he cant answer, he can only say sorry to Aamir after making this hype becoz , becoz Media is showering attention on him now .It would have done long time back........... But perhaps then he could not have predicted the success of the movie. I have read many comments on aamir's Blog which were coming against 3 Idiots management and Aamir for Chetan Bhagat's controversy. But reading those ,It was looking obvious, that he has appointed few persons to write those comments for only promotion of his book. I dont know why he is making so hue and cry because when the movie was not released it was already in air that movie is somehow based on FPS. now its released ..n people liked it because 3 idiots team has presented it wonderfully .

It’s a different story that still has the peon, a Doctor, a Dean (or some such), jhol in exams, suicides, mis-understanding parents, faulty ‘system‘ and one DUDE who rises against all odds and sets everything right & lives happily ever after with his stupidity.the whole theme of the movie is completly different from the Novel's theme.I loved the movie even better bcoz-there are so many scenes in the movie which you will not find anywhere in the book. He should understand this. Movie and book, both are good at their places. But there is no point of making this as a controversy. There are so many messages conveyed through the course of the movie mixed with fun and laugther and presented very intelligently to the audience. Mr . Chetan Bhagat plz try to understand this n dont use it for the pramotion of your book in the negative sense.


Nyway Coming back to movie,
It's emotional, it's entertaining, it's enlightening. The film has tremendous youth appeal and feel-good factor to work in a big way.
if you are in forty-plus age group… you are going to become jealous of Aamir Khan's looks in the movie. This man justifies role of 22 years old Rancho amazingly.You cannot imagine a 45 year old playing a 22 year old college kid, but when it’s Aamir Khan, anything can happen!

So to Sum Up i can say ,3 IDIOTS is not about idiots or nincompoops. It's about three engineering students who believe in 'I'll Do It On my Terms'(IDIOT) and that's what the three characters achieve in life and that's what Hirani, VV Chopra, Aamir eventually achieve at the end of the movie. Making a movie on their terms! So Hoth Ghumaa..Sittii Baja n Sitti bajaa k Bol..Bhaiyaa.."Aal Izz Well." :)

Yagya Datt
27th Dec 09 - 14th Jan10

January 1, 2010

Aamir Khan's Thanks 4 this Blog !

Yeah , Its true that "The work always get noticed".
Juss Stick to your way n believe in yourself

Wish You all readers n viewers A Very Happy And Prosperous New Year !!!
Enlighten the world and every moment you live with your warm presence.

1st Jan 10