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December 24, 2013

Dhoom - 3

A Visual Magic without Logic


In a nutshell, Vijay Krishna Acharya leaves the footprint of his last and only project as director earlier "Tashan".  

In Old 2 movies of this series, he used to be action director , dialogue writer only and Movie Director used to be a different person but i think due to cost cutting , YRF has given Director's work also to Vijay Krishna Acharya which he did earlier in "Tashan" which was actually a disaster.

Overall, Dhoom-3 is a visual treat for the person whose mind is on sleep and eyes are open, In medical this condition is called a type Coma :D

Though it shows hard as well as brilliant work of Aamir on whatever he was given to, so Must be watched at least once and in the theater to feel the amazing locations of Chicago as well as Action  but some of the thriller scenes are as thrilling as coca cola commercials :P

At least, Aamir's Acting and hard-work has saved the Cover pic of blog which was posted one year back predicting the Top 3 of 2013 as per their acting and Hard work they were putting to meet the expectations.

P.S.: I know people watch Hollywood movies these days and its a general tendency of people criticizing un-realistic scenes of Bollywood at the same time they praise similar scenes when they are shown in Hollywood. I agree that standard of Bollywood and Hollywood is definitely diff but its not the way to hate Bollywood movies just to show that your taste is higher, some people just understand some part of Hollywood movie but they show like their standard is too high.. . 

So either Stop watching Bollywood movies OR Don't mix and match Look at both their respective places and appreciate hard work by anyone as per their resources, market and kind of public they have and Compare it bollo with Bollywood only not with Hollywood. Its definitely one time watch to everyone and I am sure the its a muti-time watch for those who liked Chennai Express :D 


There has been a lot of discussion/debate over Delhi Election and by our so much effort, People has given its mandate and support to AAP and make them and some other people of other parties winner. Now, its their headache, How they want to deliver and keep their promises by forming coalition Govt. OR by re-election.

Its Time for shifting d mood !!  Like, Kejriwal was focused for last 1 year devotedly only on one thing - Election. Similarly there was someone else working dedicatedly since last 1 year only on one thing but in different field. Yes u got it right - Aamir Khan !!

Below is the video shows that some hard work going on this. 

Lets see, what he has in his package to deliver for Public after his 1 year dedication. Quest is - Will he be able to deliver something historical like Kejriwal  ?? :D

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