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December 21, 2014

PK - Provoking Knowledge

N Thoughts

PK - A worth watching which forces us to introspect, one of the best performances of Aamir.

Hats off to Raju Hirani for continuously using Cinema responsively. Directed Only 4 movies in last 12 years and all 4 happened to be Fully entertaining, Blockbusters with well conveyed thought provoking messages. Respect for his style of delivering Quality over quantity!!

PK is hitting on target with sarcasm at blind faith in ALL religions as well as terrorism but supports the essence of religion and spirituality (When Alien tells that they also have God and how he gets connected to natural power on his planet and recharge ..by 'Closing his eyes n dance like anything which points to spirituality for those who understand). It makes you burst into laughter, feel emotions as well as ask question urself. 

A very little part of its plot is similar to 'OH MY GOD' which is blind Idol Worship. (btw OMG is also my fav movie as i  try to look at movie as creativity n real entertainment, at least i never look at movie as a hindu or muslim or sikh etc... just it should not be a crap or torturing). A small part of PK also hits on terrorism But It goes much more wider hits on all religions, terrorism and makes us think outside this tiny planet.

It started two years before 'OH My God' and released two years later. But for Social reform such films are required at intervals, especially for the biased minds who need timely reminders.

P.S.: There will always be some people who will raise questions like why it is not named as 'IND' instead of 'PK' , Is it for India or Pak  or similar silly questions, just because it asked them to reconsider their views. Don't believe on spoilers, judge urself n be enlightened . It will show you the power of not only entertainment but also meaningful and life changing work of Raju Hirani.

Coincidentally, just before a week release of PK, 
(after Inhuman Peshawar School Attack) I was raising same topic  of diversity and blind faiths in Religions creating conflicts and tensions in Society.

We had a great insightful discussion (you can see details on below Fb post) and  as a conclusion  mentioned that Misinterpretation is the root of conflicts over religions otherwise Obvious meaning or path of all religions is only truth n goodness. 

 It is the time to differentiate "Dharma" from the word "Religion". Any ancient spiritual texts (as far as i read), points to follow Dharma , it never mention any name of Dharma as present name of religions - . As per Vedanta, Dharma is derived from the Sanskrit word "Dhri" which means uniting/holding together . Something that unites the human race and the living force to its natural source is 'Dharma' . In simple terms, one can say that Dharma means code of conduct i.e. doing the right thing, in thoughts, words and deeds.There is no name or types to Dharma in any ancient text.. Dharma is itself a name whereas Religion has multiple names n types. We shld bind our-self tightly to 'Dharma' first then a way of spiritual practice but not tightly with the name of Religion. Isn't present form of religion dividing society? is it serving the purpose of real meaning of Dharma?

My Take on PK Controversy

Conversation with a Friend. Original :)

Me to My friend (MF): What do you think about PK??

MF: Very bad, This Aamir Khan is real bad person, he has an agenda to ridicule and make fun of our religion. 

Me: Ohh. I see.. Have you tweeted #BoycottPK??

MF: Yes, i did...

Me: Excellent, Which Party do you support?


Me : Why ?

MF: Great party because it supports our religion at any cost.

Me: OK, i too support some people in it not all but not because of this reason .. n some from other parties as well....anyway... What do you think about 'Oh My GOD' movie?

MF: Its same, agenda behind our religion... 

Me: Do you know Paresh Rawal, He is an MP from our party BJP ?

MF: Yes, he is a great actor, Good person.

Me: But Paresh Rawal(PR) acted in 'Oh My GOD' which was an agenda behind our religion, How can u say good to such person?

Have you protested when he was given ticket? OR tweeted ever BoycottPR ?

MF: NO, buttt.. he just acted in 'Oh My GOD', It was a movie by some other missionaries..

Me: So what did Aamir Khan did in PK? 

MF : Actteedd..... 

Me: Do you think Raju Hirani is a missionary?

......... (silence)

Me: hey .. Hello... 

(Your message cannot be delivered..) 


2 min silence for those hypocrites who are opposing PK due to their political and narrow minded mentality, Who don't watch a Movie as a movie neither value creative work of a person (Raju Hirani) who is working for years just to give his best and deliver quality. 12 years, just 4 movies , all Entertaining and Blockbusters with a thought provoking message. Look at his resume and commitment then open ur mouth..OR Come out of your narrow minded negativity!! 

Yagya Datt Sharma
21st Dec 2014

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