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October 25, 2015

The Martian

Broadens our perspective on life

Stunning visual and sound effects, Specially the thrilling last 30 min of space travel reminds of Gravity but the Science fiction behind it not as brilliant as Interstellar. Worth watching once, These kind of movies on space broadens our perspective on life , compels us to think out of the box (beyond the tiny planet compare to the universe). 

Although Martian  is more realistic compare to Interstellar.. as it was not flooded with scientific info like Interstellar. The fact is that Martian is based on a science fiction book (novel) whereas Interstellar was based on the research of a living Scientist and renowned Physicist named "Kip Thorne" Who himself was the executive Producer of movie. Although The Martian was 25 min shorter than Interstellar but still felt that it was 20 min stretched. It could have been shorter to avoid slowness in between... Whereas Interstellar never felt like 2 hr 50 min movie .

I am trying to say that the kind of scientific n logical concepts like Warm holes, Black holes, Fifth Dimension, Creating Gravitational field in space, Time Travel etc, Interstellar was full of.. Martian seems tiny in comparison. Also Plot of Interstellar was much bigger which was to save the complete human race with a good mix of father n daughter emotions .. whereas Martian was just focused on saving one man..and his ways of survivals on a lonely planet . 

Overall both are great movies, compels to open our minds towards universe,,, inspiring for movie makers n for the people who love the science of space and time.