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March 13, 2016

Jaanisaar: Special Screening


Got a chance to see special screening of the Movie : Jaanisaar - Directed by Muzaffar Ali (Also the director of old classic Umrao Jaan(1981)) in a gathering of some artists, enthusiasts and filmmakers of Washington DC area.

It is based on real events of pre-Independence era of India, a story of Awadh Empire, Kings, Britishers and Mughals during 1877. In Parts narrated by Naseeruddin Shah, a poetic love story mostly shot in same places where Umrao Jaan was shot in Lucknow area, showing incidents about how Britishers tricked or tried to invade Indian kingdoms. The Costumes, Culture ,Kathak dances, Sufi Music, Lucknowi Nawab Gharane depicted in the movie to create '19th century Awadh' are so mesmerizing.

It was released in India few months back on limited screens and yet to be released in other countries on many other screens. Thank you Shekhar ji for hosting wonderful event. Quite Informative movie for Indian history fans, little slow but a treat to watch specially those post movie comments session from local filmmakers, art enthusiasts and lively discussion on many parts of the movie and related Indian history.