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November 18, 2019

December 23, 2016

Dangal : An Inspiring Struggle of a Father


An Inspiring Struggle of a Father

If I could go back in time...when the meaning of word "Inspirational" was being written in the dictionary....I would have wanted it 2 be replaced by 'Dangal' . :) 

A must watch sports biopic of Unsung Hero 'Mahavir Singh Phogat' ji and India's 1st women Gold medalist Wrestler.

It is full of emotions, women empowerment and nationalism, proves that whether it is 'son or daughter', anyone with right guidance and training can fulfill the dreams of their parents. Both are equally important. 

Great show of dedication by Aamir Khan and team - Specially the girls who played the roles of Geeta and Babita.  

Although, It doesn't have any masala.. like love story or item song... It's just a simple, inspiring story, not masterpiece like Lagaan but I will rate it as 4/5 after adding 0.5 extra for Aamir being brave in choosing this script and dedicating full 2 yrs of his peak career in passionately preparing for the character n his team.

July 31, 2016

The Aviator : Great biopic of passionate wonderboy " Howard Hughes "

The Aviator

Great biopic of passionate wonderboy Howard Hughes, who had been an Engineer, Entrepreneur, Movie director, producer, Philanthropist, Inventor, Aviator, World record holder Pilot and Aircraft designer .. all in his single life. Inspiring!!  Exceptionally well acted by Leonardo DiCaprio.


This movie is an attempt to create sequel to 'A Wednesday!' but not able to match that class. Could have been better if it was 30 min short. Still Its not just a movie but a story of system, somethng close to reality. One time watch for Irrfan's acting n its message in the end.

March 13, 2016

Jaanisaar: Special Screening


Got a chance to see special screening of the Movie : Jaanisaar - Directed by Muzaffar Ali (Also the director of old classic Umrao Jaan(1981)) in a gathering of some artists, enthusiasts and filmmakers of Washington DC area.

It is based on real events of pre-Independence era of India, a story of Awadh Empire, Kings, Britishers and Mughals during 1877. In Parts narrated by Naseeruddin Shah, a poetic love story mostly shot in same places where Umrao Jaan was shot in Lucknow area, showing incidents about how Britishers tricked or tried to invade Indian kingdoms. The Costumes, Culture ,Kathak dances, Sufi Music, Lucknowi Nawab Gharane depicted in the movie to create '19th century Awadh' are so mesmerizing.

It was released in India few months back on limited screens and yet to be released in other countries on many other screens. Thank you Shekhar ji for hosting wonderful event. Quite Informative movie for Indian history fans, little slow but a treat to watch specially those post movie comments session from local filmmakers, art enthusiasts and lively discussion on many parts of the movie and related Indian history.

February 18, 2016

Be A Humanist First, 

then Nationalist

Average Why there is so much havoc created in the country on the topic of Nationalism (राष्ट्रवाद)? What is a Nation? Isn't it a boundary line drawn over the map Which had been kept on changing since the evolution of humanity?

Once upon a time, Nepal, Bangladesh,Pakistan,Srilanka etc all (in fact most of the known part of earth) used to be termed as One country for our ancestors. Also History says that Lord Ram visited and lived at all these places while roaming in the forest. Today same region is divided by the men made boundaries (as we call सरहदें) on the maps ... Same places are being called as foreign for us. Was Ram serving to the people of foreign that time? Buddha was born at Lumbini which is currently in Nepal, but he spread the messages of goodness and non-violence to all parts of the world in his reach to help humanity without considering any boundaries. There was no hatred on the name of nation's boundaries

In fact RAM, Buddha n all great souls in the world were serving the whole Humanity on the earth wherever they were.

Even today, All natural things i.e. Sun, Moon, Winds, Clouds, Rain etc do not follow the rules of boundaries.

In present also, Many Indians like Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai, Ajay Bagga, Indira Nooyi etc, heading top MNCs like Google, Microsoft, MasterCard, Pepsico as CEOs which are the origins of foreign economies. Aren't we all using their products technologies to enhance our lives? Irony is that people who hate foreign or tag people anti-national are spreading these messages using social media facebook/twitter running on their Android or iPhone which are all the products of the foreign soil. 

Our lives are better today because some great people at Top work for the whole humanity without considering men drawn boundaries. They don't differentiate based on the nationality.. If they started behaving too nationalist (as per the definitions of some) with hatred towards foreign and never exchanged products,technologies OR their inventions with foreigners, Can we dream of similar paced evolution of humanity?

My whole point is that There is No need of spreading hatred about the word 'foreign' or 'foreigners' OR and fighting or killings over the drawn lines on the map. It is seen frequently in many Nations that some of their political leaders or some sections of media keep on spreading hatred using the word anti-national, foreigners or neighboring nations n fill up the the minds of their citizens with negativity. I would say , Don't generalize by tagging any of whole country, college or religion etc as evil or good based on the actions of few. We must understand that good and bad humans are every where ... Lines drawn on the map cannot be the criteria of goodness or evil.

Without any doubt, We all love our country and religion so we do have respect for other countries and other religions as well.. I would urge not to be extremists.

Be a Humanist first before tagging yourself as Nationalist. Live with peace and spread positivity.

Yagya Datt Sharma
18th Feb 2016

My this post was also featured as an article in News Gram.

Link: http://www.newsgram.com/be-a-humanist-first-then-nationalist

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January 31, 2016


(हिंदुस्तानियों के लिए, हिन्दुस्तान की सबसे बड़ी कोशिश)

Average film as a cinema lover and above average as an Indian. Movie hardly make you feel the actual tension that might have existed, THE FEAR of DEATH which people lived everyday, stuck in a war zone.

Akshay Kumar's acting was good but can't remember if there were such moments which can make you stick to the edge of the seat.Looks like too much hype was created around its release. It is an average one time watch movie to make you feel good about the country and a historic event.

Overall it is better than phantom but nowhere reaching up to the level of other patriotic classics of the decade like Rang De Basanti, Swadesh, Sarfarosh, Lagaan, Chak De OR Lakshya. 

Yagya Datt Sharma
30th Jan 2016

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January 10, 2016

The Revenant: More Acting, Less dialogue

The Revenant

More Acting, Less dialogue. 

(A Review)

Dark , Violent , Story of survival and Revenge of a father. More Acting n less dialogues. Not an usual movie for amusement. ..but.. Its a visual treat, Poetic in terms of scenes and action. Not much conversation. Leonardo DiCaprio's acting is fabulous, No doubt an Oscar winning effort . 

Some of the great dialogues which struck the chord in me.

-Wind cannot defeat a tree with Strong roots. 

-When there is a storm and you stand in front of a tree. If you look at its branches, you swear it will fall. But if you watch the trunk, you will see its stability.

-As long as you can still grab a breath, you fight. You breathe. Keep breathing.

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January 9, 2016

Wazir : (A Review)


(A Review)

Zindagi aur Shatranj mei yahi fark hai.. Zindagi mei doosra mauka milta nahi,, Shatranj mei mil jata hai !! 

Wazir- Another thriller, well directed by Bejoy Nambiar after Shaitan . Starts very well in 1st half , looses griping in 2nd half n Climax in the end is the real winner bt leaves some unresolved suspense. Overall 3.3/5

Good to watch for some Powerful performances by Farhan Akhtar and Amitabh Bachchan Saab. Also It doesn't have any nonsense crap like 'Dilwale' :P, you will watch with interest without getting bored.

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December 20, 2015

Dil is missing in 'Dilwale'

(A Review)

'The Trademark Pose' of SRK which he had given in many of his past movies and now again in his recent 'Dilwale' , I can also show you right now. (Check FB link below).

I don't think you would go to watch a movie, just to see him doing same old pose again n again with similar kind of stories without trying for anything different.

After 'Happy New Year', Shah Rukh Khan has made comeback with just another crap and boring movie and broken his own record . :P

Varun Dhawan's acting and Rohit shetty's direction, both are competing with each other in its Pathetic-ness. 

Seriously, It would have been OK if SRK has been a new comer or working just to build his career or struggling with it but When top actors like him are doing such nonsense movies back to back n promoting it proudly on every single channel except Ashtha and Sanskaar , shows that he is just making fun of the choice of Indian Public and lowering the level of Indian cinema.

I mean , at his level, We expect some quality and out of the leak work from him to raise the standard of Indian cinema and glorify it at world stage.

But Again, SRK has not put his heart(so called 'Dil') while working on 'Dilwale'.

If you don't want to spoil your festive season or holidays ..don't watch it in theater (As a friendly advice, If you really want to watch then watch it at home and if possible, donate ticket money to Chennai Flood relief or National relief fund) n save your head from torture.

Yagya Datt Sharma
19th Dec 2015

Here is the link of my fb post

November 29, 2015


(A Review)

Tamasha - A movie about discovering the self and asking what i am doing ? Am i born to do only this? 

It is adding another feather in Imtiaz Ali's Resume by his experimental and unique way of story telling. Most of his movies he writes himself and then also direct himself. Double dose of Talent. smile emoticon

His resume was already having some of the great ones as Story writer and director both.. 1. Socha Na Thaa( Very vry good) , Jab We Met (Very good) , 3.Love Aaj-Kal (Good). RockStar (Good).

And now counter seems to be restarting in reverse gear - i would say (Very Good) Tamasha on the screen .

It is a comeback for Ranbir Kapoor after his last back to back flops (Beshram, Roy and Bombay Velvet). He has again proved his metal of acting in this. N Deepika also did not disappointed and in fact did better job for what she was in the movie . There are some scenes which seems to be inspired from 'Wake Up Sid' and 'Rockstar' but Overall a must watch, motivates you to look beyond!!

Yagya Datt Sharma
29th Nov 2015

Here is the link of my fb post

November 25, 2015

My Take On

Intolerance Controversy

Over Aamir's Remark

To clear the spreading air of negativity and growing ferocity, I tried to convey my point through below conversation. As Yesterday couple of friends pinged me and asked for my take on this controversy. I did not want to make any statement on such sensitive issue by only going with Media headlines OR social media trends ...So watched whole interview of Aamir and related sequences, given a thought , sat for few hours to come up with an unbiased view, based on facts and penned it as a story to penetrate my voice. Hope i am making some sense.

My Conversation with a Friend. 

My Friend (MF) : Hey Man, I told you during PK, this Aamir is a real bad person. He has an agenda to ridicule our country.

Me: Ohh, I see, What happnd now?

MF: Didn't you heard, He said that his wife was asking to leave the country.

Me: Ya i heard,, Have you uninstalled "Snapdeal" App and tweeted #AppWapisi??

MF: Yes, I did..

Me: Excellent, so what did he say to his wife?

MF: ........i don't know....

Me: OK,I also heard, He said - It was disastrous for me to hear such big statement. She as a mother feared for her child by reading newspaper on innocent killing and no statement from ruling leaders to condemn such incident.

MF: Yaa ...but His wife's statement was odd....

Me: Agree, Well, have you heard our PM Modi ji's speech in China... What did he say ? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksDXYgH_I-w )


MF: .... .. Ya,, he also said kind of similar statement...but You can't compare Modi ji with Aamir Khan. Modi ji is fully devoted and has good intentions for the country.

Me: Yes of course, So You think Aamir had wrong intentions life long for the country.. That is why he was portraying ACP Ajay Rathore and killing terrorist Gulfam Hasan in Sarfarosh. Thats why he was making some of the best patriotic movies for youth like Mangal Pandey, Rang De Basanti , Lagaan and glorying Indian cinema in Oscars. Working on some out of leak inspiring movies like TZP and 3 Idiots, n Still working on next 2 yrs single project 'Dangal', which is on women empowerment, societal problem for girls and patriotism...

Was he wrong by presenting meaningful TV series "Satya Mev Jayate" and raising awareness on burning issues like Female foeticide, Criminalization, Corruption, Gender inequality, Child labor n many more. You doubt his intentions who has been working since years to produce some meaningful content on which your children and grand children will be proud and learn some goodness.

MF:...but buttt again, Modi ji just said this kind of statement in a long 30-40 min speech. 

Me: OK, so how long was the interview of AamirKhan?? 

MF: ....umm....not sure....

Me: Let me tell you-- It was 51 min 7 sec and you heard only one line ? Here is the link of full debate - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=th3pVjAMt-U

Have you watched whole interview or Just read some headlines by Presstitutes? 

MF: No , I did not watched whole interview yet.

Me: Then dude, watch it first, before quoting anything in the line of TRP hungry agencies...

Let me give you some quick clips to reassure your view. He says -

(17 min to 21 min): Every act of violence done by any community has to condemned with same ferocity. Either its Mulslim or Hindu or any one else... ..Why should i represent any one, I would like to represent whole country not any religion.

(23 min to 25 min) : Speaks about Nation Building and how can we as people come together on imp issues.

(35 min to 36) : repeats about Terrorism and violence.

(49 min to 51:07 min) : Any person even holding Quran in his hand but doing act of violence is not a Muslim neither following Islam. He may claim himself from a certain religion but He is a terrorist and We must recognize him as terrorist. Yes, i have problem with ISIS. I worry about extreme thinking which is very destructive and negative wherever it comes from,, which may belong to any religion, I have problem with that kind of extreme thinking from any part of society. Certainly i do have problem with ISIS.

Me.: Do you think Aamir made above insulting statements against country or religion in his interview ?

......... (silence)


Me: hey .. Hello... 

(Your message cannot be delivered.....)

2 min silence for such bigoted minds asking to uninstall Snapdeal app from their Samsung mobile while sipping the drink of Coke and watching news of Aamir on Tata Sky (forgetting tht all these brands are also endorsed by same person), Why to uninstall app only, throw away your Tata Sky and Samsung phone as well.. :P

On a serious note, Without any doubt, We all love our country and religion, so do we respect other countries and other religions as well.... I would urge not to be extremists or ignorant minds who just go on the headlines of some TRP hungry agencies and starts abusing anyone without looking at person's track record & without knowing the complete opinion in its full essence. If some media section is not responsible, lets ourself first be responsible to check facts and come out of such narrow minded negativity!!

Yagya Datt Sharma
25th Nov 2015

Link of my fb post on same which went viral

November 15, 2015

Meet with D-Gang specialist

Director Anurag Kashyap

As Paulo Coelho said that when you really want to do something or wish for something from heart, The whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it or make it happen.

After 10 years (2005 to 2015) of self initiated blogging on movie reviews, looking closely film making process,  It was like another reward for me to get to meet Mr. Anurag Kashap , Talk to him in length and watch his Masterpiece "Gangs of WasseyPur -2" sitting next to him, just 
After meeting Anupam Kher, Rakesh Bedi ji last month. Overdose of reward and happiness. :)

Below is the brief excerpt of talk with Anurag Kashyap (AK).

Me: Congrats Anurag for GOW, on making entry to IMDB top 250. Your's Gulal was also a masterpiece.

AK: Thank you. 

Me: I liked it more as i could relate to many scenes, situations n fights of villages, 'tang galiyaan' (narrow streets) n all , being grown up in small place near Jhansi.

AK: Great, I am also grown up in a village ,, in fact some parts of movie are shot in my house at village.

Me: Ohh really. 

AK: Yes, We did not even have much money/budget to afford a hotel for the stay of Crew members, So i shot some scenes in my house itself and used to plan shooting like - One day we are shooting at one location and next morning, we need to shoot at another location, so during the night, we were actually travelling in the bus, so didn't have to arrange for the Hotel. :P

(Laughters around...)

Me: What if i tell u, i also have a story of Jhansi (Bundelkhand area) & it will be fit for the genre you have expertise in :) 

AK: haha.. need to run for flight in an hour ...busy schedule. Lets catch up on email.

(Shared email , best wishes in autograph, had a picture together and exchanged Diwali Wishes) 

Such an achiever yet so humble person, What more could i ask for this Diwali?.

Link of fb post on same meet

October 25, 2015

The Martian

Broadens our perspective on life

Stunning visual and sound effects, Specially the thrilling last 30 min of space travel reminds of Gravity but the Science fiction behind it not as brilliant as Interstellar. Worth watching once, These kind of movies on space broadens our perspective on life , compels us to think out of the box (beyond the tiny planet compare to the universe). 

Although Martian  is more realistic compare to Interstellar.. as it was not flooded with scientific info like Interstellar. The fact is that Martian is based on a science fiction book (novel) whereas Interstellar was based on the research of a living Scientist and renowned Physicist named "Kip Thorne" Who himself was the executive Producer of movie. Although The Martian was 25 min shorter than Interstellar but still felt that it was 20 min stretched. It could have been shorter to avoid slowness in between... Whereas Interstellar never felt like 2 hr 50 min movie .

I am trying to say that the kind of scientific n logical concepts like Warm holes, Black holes, Fifth Dimension, Creating Gravitational field in space, Time Travel etc, Interstellar was full of.. Martian seems tiny in comparison. Also Plot of Interstellar was much bigger which was to save the complete human race with a good mix of father n daughter emotions .. whereas Martian was just focused on saving one man..and his ways of survivals on a lonely planet . 

Overall both are great movies, compels to open our minds towards universe,,, inspiring for movie makers n for the people who love the science of space and time.

August 30, 2015

Meet with Mr. Anupam Kher

As Paulo Coelho(a renowned novelist) rightly said that when you really want to do something or wish for something from heart, The whole universe conspires to help you achieve that OR to make it happen. I am a strong believer of this fact as i have experienced it umpteen times in the coarse of my life.

Since College time, i had interest in film-making, cinematography, story telling etc and due to this interest and urge , i started this movie review blog in 2005 during my college days and named it as YaggiDirector.blogspot.com with the desire that i will direct at least movie in my lifetime to leave a impact on society and whenever i will write on this blog, the name of the blog "yaggidirector" will make me feel like a self proclaimed director and help me write it with the spirit of a movie director. 
Meeting Mr. Kabir Bedi (known for his comedy roles in films like 'Chashme Buddoor' and TV serials 'Shrimaan Shrimati' and 'Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi' and 'Yes Boss') and Mr. Anupam Kher personally (name itself speaks about his achievements in film industry) and talking to him, was like a dream come true for a person who has fascination of film making. It was like a reward for me of my self initiative work of 10 years (2005 to 2015) on this blog. Also getting a chance to watch him acting live for 3 hours in his most hit theater show "Mera Wo Matlab Nahi Tha" which was already sold out in DC and but got a call just 2 hours before the show from one of well wisher and guide, saying that i have one extra ticket as my wife got some other plans today, Would you like to join me for the show -- It was like a miracle happening for my ears. The Universe was conspiring to help me and get what i wish for.

Below is the brief excerpt of talk with Anupam Kher Saab. 

Me - Kamaal ki acting hai sir aapki, There are many more to name but 'A Wednesday' is one of my favorite.

Anupam Kher Saab (AK) - Thank you. Kya karte hain aap?

Me - Waise, i m an Engineer.. but since 2005, i also have a Movie blog named http://yaggidirector.blogspot.com and write Movie reviews once in a while due to my interest in film-making and story telling process.

AK - Achcha, Kya naam hai aapka?

Me - Yagya Datt Sharma 

AK - Naam to aurr bhi achcha.... (Laughters around...)

This was a small interaction but the feeling was un-expressible for the person who look at him kind of role model in that field. 

Link of fb post on same meet

August 1, 2015


Chilling Thriller in 2nd half,, One time watch for the story.

Posted by Yagya Datt Sharma on Saturday, August 1, 2015

December 21, 2014

PK - Provoking Knowledge

N Thoughts

PK - A worth watching which forces us to introspect, one of the best performances of Aamir.

Hats off to Raju Hirani for continuously using Cinema responsively. Directed Only 4 movies in last 12 years and all 4 happened to be Fully entertaining, Blockbusters with well conveyed thought provoking messages. Respect for his style of delivering Quality over quantity!!

PK is hitting on target with sarcasm at blind faith in ALL religions as well as terrorism but supports the essence of religion and spirituality (When Alien tells that they also have God and how he gets connected to natural power on his planet and recharge ..by 'Closing his eyes n dance like anything which points to spirituality for those who understand). It makes you burst into laughter, feel emotions as well as ask question urself. 

A very little part of its plot is similar to 'OH MY GOD' which is blind Idol Worship. (btw OMG is also my fav movie as i  try to look at movie as creativity n real entertainment, at least i never look at movie as a hindu or muslim or sikh etc... just it should not be a crap or torturing). A small part of PK also hits on terrorism But It goes much more wider hits on all religions, terrorism and makes us think outside this tiny planet.

It started two years before 'OH My God' and released two years later. But for Social reform such films are required at intervals, especially for the biased minds who need timely reminders.

P.S.: There will always be some people who will raise questions like why it is not named as 'IND' instead of 'PK' , Is it for India or Pak  or similar silly questions, just because it asked them to reconsider their views. Don't believe on spoilers, judge urself n be enlightened . It will show you the power of not only entertainment but also meaningful and life changing work of Raju Hirani.

Coincidentally, just before a week release of PK, 
(after Inhuman Peshawar School Attack) I was raising same topic  of diversity and blind faiths in Religions creating conflicts and tensions in Society.

We had a great insightful discussion (you can see details on below Fb post) and  as a conclusion  mentioned that Misinterpretation is the root of conflicts over religions otherwise Obvious meaning or path of all religions is only truth n goodness. 

 It is the time to differentiate "Dharma" from the word "Religion". Any ancient spiritual texts (as far as i read), points to follow Dharma , it never mention any name of Dharma as present name of religions - . As per Vedanta, Dharma is derived from the Sanskrit word "Dhri" which means uniting/holding together . Something that unites the human race and the living force to its natural source is 'Dharma' . In simple terms, one can say that Dharma means code of conduct i.e. doing the right thing, in thoughts, words and deeds.There is no name or types to Dharma in any ancient text.. Dharma is itself a name whereas Religion has multiple names n types. We shld bind our-self tightly to 'Dharma' first then a way of spiritual practice but not tightly with the name of Religion. Isn't present form of religion dividing society? is it serving the purpose of real meaning of Dharma?

My Take on PK Controversy

Conversation with a Friend. Original :)

Me to My friend (MF): What do you think about PK??

MF: Very bad, This Aamir Khan is real bad person, he has an agenda to ridicule and make fun of our religion. 

Me: Ohh. I see.. Have you tweeted #BoycottPK??

MF: Yes, i did...

Me: Excellent, Which Party do you support?


Me : Why ?

MF: Great party because it supports our religion at any cost.

Me: OK, i too support some people in it not all but not because of this reason .. n some from other parties as well....anyway... What do you think about 'Oh My GOD' movie?

MF: Its same, agenda behind our religion... 

Me: Do you know Paresh Rawal, He is an MP from our party BJP ?

MF: Yes, he is a great actor, Good person.

Me: But Paresh Rawal(PR) acted in 'Oh My GOD' which was an agenda behind our religion, How can u say good to such person?

Have you protested when he was given ticket? OR tweeted ever BoycottPR ?

MF: NO, buttt.. he just acted in 'Oh My GOD', It was a movie by some other missionaries..

Me: So what did Aamir Khan did in PK? 

MF : Actteedd..... 

Me: Do you think Raju Hirani is a missionary?

......... (silence)

Me: hey .. Hello... 

(Your message cannot be delivered..) 


2 min silence for those hypocrites who are opposing PK due to their political and narrow minded mentality, Who don't watch a Movie as a movie neither value creative work of a person (Raju Hirani) who is working for years just to give his best and deliver quality. 12 years, just 4 movies , all Entertaining and Blockbusters with a thought provoking message. Look at his resume and commitment then open ur mouth..OR Come out of your narrow minded negativity!! 

Yagya Datt Sharma
21st Dec 2014

Link of viral fb Post on Conversation with a friend on PK Controversy.

Link of fb post on Religious Conflicts and its Essence.

Link of fb post on PK - Movie Review.

Link of another Fb post on PK.

November 9, 2014


Beyond Imaginations

Interstellar - a movie where you can apply all your physics and quantum mechanics fundas , still In the end, it will blow ur mind by taking to higher dimensions beyond imaginations.  Good mix of Father and daughter's emotions being light years apart . Stunning visual and sound effects are treat to our self if watched in IMAX 70 mm screens.

Happy New Year

Crappy Stuff

I think its a wastage of a post on my Blog by giving headline for this movie review So just added in this post as it was also released in same time frame. I don't like to give headlines to unnecessary , unworthy things. :P

April 5, 2014

Satyamev Jayte

Excellant Awareness Compaign

Another brilliant and eye opener episode. BRAVO Aamir Khan!! After watching this last episode, you have actually gained more respect in my eyes for the awareness work you are doing by presenting plain truth.

You caught up my first attention by the Movie Sarfarosh and I turned up one of ur admirer after watching Rang De Basanti' during college days. Also RDB was the first movie from which i started writing movie reviews on this Blog in 2006. And Later blogged reviews of other inspirational movies like 'Taare Taare Zameen Par' and '3 Idiots','Dor',Lunchbox, BMB etc which were different from mainstream Cinema. 

Yes, i know very well that you also work on commercial cinema and earn money as well by all this. But That's your job and because of doing your job well, you are now in position to inspire others and able to use your public profile to educate and bring awareness in the society on so much sensitive issues in-spite of knowing consequences that some hard core political person and their supporters who don't want to see this awareness in people are criticizing you in some way, spreading fake photosho-ed pic on social media with rumors and appealing, not watch this show. Even some corrupt political parties may try later to affect your upcoming films in some way in their ruling state. But its really appreciable that You have taken this plunge for the good cause.

I must say, You are a brilliant and responsible citizen. Definitely Satyamev Jayate has long way to go and hope it will be a radical in bringing awareness on a larger scale in the coming years .

सत्यमेव जयते !!  (Truth Alone Triumphs)

Link of my fb posts on Satyamev Jayte.

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