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November 25, 2015

My Take On

Intolerance Controversy

Over Aamir's Remark

To clear the spreading air of negativity and growing ferocity, I tried to convey my point through below conversation. As Yesterday couple of friends pinged me and asked for my take on this controversy. I did not want to make any statement on such sensitive issue by only going with Media headlines OR social media trends ...So watched whole interview of Aamir and related sequences, given a thought , sat for few hours to come up with an unbiased view, based on facts and penned it as a story to penetrate my voice. Hope i am making some sense.

My Conversation with a Friend. 

My Friend (MF) : Hey Man, I told you during PK, this Aamir is a real bad person. He has an agenda to ridicule our country.

Me: Ohh, I see, What happnd now?

MF: Didn't you heard, He said that his wife was asking to leave the country.

Me: Ya i heard,, Have you uninstalled "Snapdeal" App and tweeted #AppWapisi??

MF: Yes, I did..

Me: Excellent, so what did he say to his wife?

MF: ........i don't know....

Me: OK,I also heard, He said - It was disastrous for me to hear such big statement. She as a mother feared for her child by reading newspaper on innocent killing and no statement from ruling leaders to condemn such incident.

MF: Yaa ...but His wife's statement was odd....

Me: Agree, Well, have you heard our PM Modi ji's speech in China... What did he say ? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksDXYgH_I-w )


MF: .... .. Ya,, he also said kind of similar statement...but You can't compare Modi ji with Aamir Khan. Modi ji is fully devoted and has good intentions for the country.

Me: Yes of course, So You think Aamir had wrong intentions life long for the country.. That is why he was portraying ACP Ajay Rathore and killing terrorist Gulfam Hasan in Sarfarosh. Thats why he was making some of the best patriotic movies for youth like Mangal Pandey, Rang De Basanti , Lagaan and glorying Indian cinema in Oscars. Working on some out of leak inspiring movies like TZP and 3 Idiots, n Still working on next 2 yrs single project 'Dangal', which is on women empowerment, societal problem for girls and patriotism...

Was he wrong by presenting meaningful TV series "Satya Mev Jayate" and raising awareness on burning issues like Female foeticide, Criminalization, Corruption, Gender inequality, Child labor n many more. You doubt his intentions who has been working since years to produce some meaningful content on which your children and grand children will be proud and learn some goodness.

MF:...but buttt again, Modi ji just said this kind of statement in a long 30-40 min speech. 

Me: OK, so how long was the interview of AamirKhan?? 

MF: ....umm....not sure....

Me: Let me tell you-- It was 51 min 7 sec and you heard only one line ? Here is the link of full debate - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=th3pVjAMt-U

Have you watched whole interview or Just read some headlines by Presstitutes? 

MF: No , I did not watched whole interview yet.

Me: Then dude, watch it first, before quoting anything in the line of TRP hungry agencies...

Let me give you some quick clips to reassure your view. He says -

(17 min to 21 min): Every act of violence done by any community has to condemned with same ferocity. Either its Mulslim or Hindu or any one else... ..Why should i represent any one, I would like to represent whole country not any religion.

(23 min to 25 min) : Speaks about Nation Building and how can we as people come together on imp issues.

(35 min to 36) : repeats about Terrorism and violence.

(49 min to 51:07 min) : Any person even holding Quran in his hand but doing act of violence is not a Muslim neither following Islam. He may claim himself from a certain religion but He is a terrorist and We must recognize him as terrorist. Yes, i have problem with ISIS. I worry about extreme thinking which is very destructive and negative wherever it comes from,, which may belong to any religion, I have problem with that kind of extreme thinking from any part of society. Certainly i do have problem with ISIS.

Me.: Do you think Aamir made above insulting statements against country or religion in his interview ?

......... (silence)


Me: hey .. Hello... 

(Your message cannot be delivered.....)

2 min silence for such bigoted minds asking to uninstall Snapdeal app from their Samsung mobile while sipping the drink of Coke and watching news of Aamir on Tata Sky (forgetting tht all these brands are also endorsed by same person), Why to uninstall app only, throw away your Tata Sky and Samsung phone as well.. :P

On a serious note, Without any doubt, We all love our country and religion, so do we respect other countries and other religions as well.... I would urge not to be extremists or ignorant minds who just go on the headlines of some TRP hungry agencies and starts abusing anyone without looking at person's track record & without knowing the complete opinion in its full essence. If some media section is not responsible, lets ourself first be responsible to check facts and come out of such narrow minded negativity!!

Yagya Datt Sharma
25th Nov 2015

Link of my fb post on same which went viral


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