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December 20, 2015

Dil is missing in 'Dilwale'

(A Review)

'The Trademark Pose' of SRK which he had given in many of his past movies and now again in his recent 'Dilwale' , I can also show you right now. (Check FB link below).

I don't think you would go to watch a movie, just to see him doing same old pose again n again with similar kind of stories without trying for anything different.

After 'Happy New Year', Shah Rukh Khan has made comeback with just another crap and boring movie and broken his own record . :P

Varun Dhawan's acting and Rohit shetty's direction, both are competing with each other in its Pathetic-ness. 

Seriously, It would have been OK if SRK has been a new comer or working just to build his career or struggling with it but When top actors like him are doing such nonsense movies back to back n promoting it proudly on every single channel except Ashtha and Sanskaar , shows that he is just making fun of the choice of Indian Public and lowering the level of Indian cinema.

I mean , at his level, We expect some quality and out of the leak work from him to raise the standard of Indian cinema and glorify it at world stage.

But Again, SRK has not put his heart(so called 'Dil') while working on 'Dilwale'.

If you don't want to spoil your festive season or holidays ..don't watch it in theater (As a friendly advice, If you really want to watch then watch it at home and if possible, donate ticket money to Chennai Flood relief or National relief fund) n save your head from torture.

Yagya Datt Sharma
19th Dec 2015

Here is the link of my fb post


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